The Perfect Poffertje mix is formulated from traditional dutch poffertje recipe and hence adds a traditional and unique flavor and texture to your finished product.  You will find that buying a replacement mix may not only perform and taste differently, but will more than likely be more expensive.  Perfect poffertje mix is made in bulk to ensure our customers obtain the best possible buying power. 

Your lifetime warranty on your specialty poffertje grill will also be voided if buy or formulate mix from a different source. Simply put, our specialty grills and secret dutch recipe make the perfect companionship.    

Your Poffertjes grill will be replaced for free for the life of the unit while you use the specialty poffertje mix from Perfect Poffertjes.  Minimum order required of at least 1 box per month.

How is my grill serviced and supported?

Where can I sell PoffertjesTM  ?

How much will a PoffertjesTM package cost me?

Poffertjes have been traditionally sold in bakeries, cafes, coffee shops and ice cream and treat stores around the world.  Placing the poffertje grill in plain sight of the customer will not only utilize the visual nature of the baking process, but is guaranteed to achieve impulse purchases. 

Poffertjes are also extremely popular are farmers markets, food truck events and fundraisers.  With vendors selling up to $1200 worth of poffertjes in a morning at these events, these products create a great revenue stream for new and existing businesses.

Poffertjes have an extremely low food cost and high profit margins.

One plate of 10 poffertjes costs the retailer about 20 cents, and about 50 cents with toppings such as ice cream and/fruit and cream.  Most restaurants are selling this plate of freshly prepared poffertjes for between $5.00 and $8.00 per plate, resulting in a 5% to 8% food cost.

What about shipping and Returns?

What is the food cost on PoffertjesTM ?

Perfect ​​Poffertjes is proud to offer the highest level of support and service to ensure your complete confidence and total satisfaction with our equipment and specialty mix. Our service warranty and “lifetime guarantee” policy are designed to alleviate stress and worry when experiencing grill or product problems. 

Our company warrants each grill, including parts and labor, for one full year from the date of purchase. After your initial warranty period ends, we provide an extended warranty for the life of your baker. Perfect Poffertjes will replace your grill at no cost. Our free replacement guarantee will be honored when you exclusively use Perfect poffertje mixes, or Perfect Poffertjes-approved mixes. 

QUESTIONS?? We love Questions

Where do I learn how to add PoffertjesTM to my business?

For a minimal capital outlay, you can be making and selling fresh poffertjes in your ice cream store, cafe or coffee shop.  Starter packages start at under $1000, and each package comes with the following items;

  • Specialty Poffertje grill (25, 50 or 100 dimples)
  • Enough poffertjes mix to sell up to $1200 in retail poffertjes
  • 2 Squeeze bottles and
  • Marketing & point of sale images/signs

How is my grill warrantied for life?

Replacement grills are shipped directly to your place of business.  Simply place the existing grill in the same pre-paid postage box and return to us. 

This website has a video tab which contains all the video based training you will need to become proficient in preparing, making and selling these specialty dutch treats. 

Why should I use the Perfect PoffertjesTM powdered mix?