Freshly baked tiny pancakes ‚Äčtraditionally called "PoffertjesTM", have their origins back to the Dutch Abbey, where mini pancakes were used as a type of host for weekly communion.  A shortage of wheat flour during the French Revolution meant substituting buckwheat flour which resulted in a plump and delicious offering.

Based on a traditional and secret dutch poffertjesTM recipe, these light fluffy pancakes capture all of the tradition and taste of the dutch treat in a ready to use, quick service application that will provide a great "point of difference" to your frozen treat store, cafe, coffee shop or restaurant.    

Delicious Freshmade goodness

What in the world are PoffertjesTM??

The Story of Flipjacks

‚ÄčThese PoffertjesTM were traditionally made in a specialty cast iron pan to accent the shape and fluffy nature of this treat. Our specialty Poffertje grill provides this same "dimpled" hotplate in a compact & easy to use format.