PoffertjeTM Flavor Options

Poffertjes are typically a pancake type flavor and texture. However with our specialty bakery emulsions that do not lose color or flavor during the baking process, you can add color and flavor to your poffertjes.  Try Red Velvet, Blueberry, Lemon and Dutch Butter Vanilla. 

PoffertjeTM Prep and Baking

Our Traditional Dutch poffertje recipe requires only powder and water to make delicious dutch delicacies.  Here's how easy it is to prepare, bake and serve poffertjes

PoffertjeTM Topping Options

‚ÄčTraditionally, poffertjes are simply bathed in melted butter and dusted with powdered sugar and fruit or berries.  However, the sky is the limit with the topping or garnish options for freshly baked poffertjes.  Here are a few options that may tantalize the taste buds. 

Video Tutorials

PoffertjeTM Baking and Topping Demonstration

‚ÄčA quick Go Pro video to show how easy it is to make poffertjes that your can add to your existing business, or start your own poffertje empire.